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If persistent pain, lack of flexibility or stiffness is stopping you from experiencing all life has to offer, we'll get you moving again.

Benefits of More Mobile Yoga Coaching

Restore Your Body

Modern lifestyle has led to joint dysfunction and pain. The way to fix it is by exercising smarter, not harder – we'll teach you how.

Regain Your Confidence

Feel confident picking up your kids again, improving that golf swing or running your next PR. Whatever it is, we'll help you feel self-assured in your new and improved mobility.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Reestablish your range of motion and avoid unnecessary pills and surgeries. We'll ensure you enjoy the pain-free life you deserve.

Erin Padilla

"Ken is a god send.  I have been struggling with knee and lower back pain for years.  After a few months with Ken I am happy to say I am feeling like I am in my prime again. Ken is a master at his craft. Not only that, he truly cares about his clients well being.  I am comfortable asking Ken health related questions well beyond yoga practice."
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Group Yoga class for seniorsGroup Yoga class for seniors

Justin Smith

"Ken is a great instructor. My flexibility and mobility improved so much I gave up my weekly chiropractor visits. I highly recommend more mobile yoga no matter what your fitness level. No matter where you are in your fitness program, Ken will take you to the next level."
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movement is medicine. we'll help you discover how.

Ready to Get Moving with More Mobile Yoga?

Relieve your back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain
Protect and prevent injury to your joints and tissues
Build longevity in your exercise routine
Move like a pain-free, younger version of you
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Asked Questions

What is your approach to mobility coaching?

More Mobile Yoga's methodology to mobility training is designed to effectively and systematically reverse the patterns we've created within our sedentary lifestyles. We'll take both a healing and preventative care approach to increase and improve your range of motion, reduce your pain, and empower you to live an overall healthier, happier, and more mobile lifestyle. We'll start with an evaluation, develop a personalized plan that's right for you, and keep you accountable throughout your journey.

How do I know if mobility coaching is right for me?

If you're feeling tired of living in chronic joint pain with limited range of motion, More Mobile Yoga is here for you. Mobility training is an educational process where strength and flexibility are combined to nurture your joints towards improved movement capacity and range of motion. We'll help you avoid those unnecessary surgeries and pills and teach you how to overcome sedentary or over-exercised lifestyles. (Yes, you can injure yourself by over-exercising! And yes, you can increase your mobility at any age!)

Is More Mobile Yoga coaching really all online?

Yes! The More Mobile Yoga system was developed to introduce an effective mobility fitness program that enhances joint health and longevity from anywhere. From your initial consultation, to your weekly assessments, our 60-minute sessions will be held 1-on-1 together via Google Meet. This format provides you with a private and comfortable experience. More Mobile Yoga takes pride in ensuring our sessions are accessible to everyone, regardless of where they're at in the world. Want to meet in person? We're open to that too. Just let us know and we'll talk!

What kinds of common injuries do you help heal?

Whether you're a multi-sport athlete or someone who no longer wants to neglect those aches and pains, we'll take the proper steps to identify what's bothering you and how we're going to heal it together. From tight hips to achy spines to sore shoulders, these are just a few of the joints we'll improve together through movement variability and regimens. Some other injuries we've treated in the past include: repetitive motion-related injuries from working environments, sport-related injuries, rotational injuries, and more.

Who is Ken O'Connor?

Ken O'Connor is the founder of More Mobile Yoga and a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist with over 10 years of experience. As your mobility coach, Ken is committed to providing personalized, results-driven sessions dedicated to improving your mobility, and overall physical and mental wellness. He's based in Fort Collins, Colorado, serving individuals from anywhere.

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Ready to Move Pain-Free?

Each Module
/5 Weeks

Our modules are personalized to you and designed to achieve all of your mobility, healing, and strengthening goals.

Mitigate injury risk
Relieve tension
Sleep more comfortably
Improve posture and balance
Recover faster
Optimize your performance
Increase flexibility and endurance
Restore strength and function
Select the module that feels right to you

Interested in Improving Everywhere?

Full Body Package
/5 Months
/5 Months
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Prepare to unlock your full movement potential with training emphasis on all areas of the body.

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Hips Module
Shoulder Module
Yoga Fusion Module
Equipment Training Module
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The More Mobile Yoga Mission

More Mobile Yoga helps those living with pain and stiffness restore their mobility with personalized coaching, expert education, and assessment. Are you ready to begin living a more mobile life?

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