You are an adaptable learning system.

Let’s accentuate that ability­čĺ»

Developing the ability to learn new knowledge and apply it is better than just absorbing massive data.

That’s because data is always evolving, but your ability to act through it is real power.

Early on, a ton of data will influence your perspective. Maybe even lead you toward conclusions without a complete understanding of what it all means because you have not experienced real world application of the data or its repercussions.

That’s why experience is the toughest teacher because the test is first and the lesson is last.

Are you building mastery or collecting data? Sometimes we over emphasize minor details at the expense of greater outcomes – this mindset is prevalent not only in fitness, it is everywhere.

When your mindset shifts into a deeper understanding of learning systems, the willingness to make real progress through lifestyle change becomes clear.

An obsession about one particular action evaporates – In clarity we give ourselves an environment where we can explore, learn, adapt and share over a timeline long enough to facilitate lasting results.

This is true in mobility training as it is true elsewhere. Your mindset changes long before the results appear.

Are your thoughts moving yet?

At More Mobile Yoga we dig deep not just into how we move, but why we move, giving you the strength to make the changes needed to move great.

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