🦶Your fancy shoes are killing your feet 🦶

🔻Toes squished into a diamond shape.

🔻Bunions and maladaptive tissues.

🔻Lack of central nervous system connectivity.

🔻Reduced bloodflow.

🔻Too much heel pressure.

🔻Lack of an arch.

🔻False environmental signaling.

🔻Ankle, knee, hip, back pain seemingly out of nowhere.

I could go on.

But basically – modern footwear is a disaster.

We were told as kids that “it’s gotta be the shoes”

They were right but for the wrong reasons.

Today’s modern footwear obsession has left us disconnected from what our feet were made to do.  Feet are sealed up in a perfectly cushioned shoe environment shutting off natural signals of pressure and weight distribution limiting exposure to the moving parts that need the development most.  And ladies with the heels and pointed toes – it is disfiguring your body by mid 20’s. It doesn’t happen all at once, its a gradual culturation into foot dysfunction. When we cannot stand on ground safely, our mobility problems begin to grow. If we cannot send proper signals from our feet to the rest of the body we start to lose control, balance, and muscular ability where most necessary. When other joints have to compensate for a lack of foot mobility that’s when other pain problems seemingly pop up out of no where. Your mobility problems could be right under you feet all along and you never knew. So before you go spending money on some new Hoka trail runners – invest in the knowledge to build a better foot. Join the More Mobile Yoga program and learn how to recover from years of faulty footwear. 

🔷️Reconnect with underutilized tissues.
🔷️Increase bloodflow
🔷️Build robust, toe wiggling central nervous system connectivity
🔷️Get stronger and bring balance back into your life while removing the pain from other joints that compensated for lack of foot mobility all these years.