Injuries are part of life, exercise and sports. Any movement presents some risk of injury. But the degree of injury can be reduced based on the ability and fitness level of the injured tissue before the point of injury.

Some call this “Prehab” as the joints are prepared for future stress before it happens – the opposite being “Rehab” that’s needed after the injury for recovery.

If joints are conditioned and prepared to handle a variety of movements at different intensities, they are better able to handle increased stress over time.

🔻No one can guarantee injury prevention – but we can mitigate risks through preparation.

For example, a slip and fall on ice can be very dangerous for someone who already has compromised, weak joint structures. A more mobile person might not have any problems at all from the same fall. Much the same way that a car with strong suspension will roll over potholes with no problem while cars with bad suspension get wrecked by the same obstacle.

Are you including this knowledge in your fitness routine? 🤔 At More Mobile Yoga, I help people achieve this fundamental knowledge and bake it into their health and wellness routine. An ounce of prevention is worth a lb. of later treatment (or more)